Work hard, study hard, get fit!

A conversation with Jason Jiao – an aspiring actuary and part of McGing’s next generation actuaries

Q: How have the last few months impacted your professional and personal life?

A: The last few months of the lockdown here in Melbourne has not really had a big impact on me. It’s really business as usual with many things on my to-do list which never gets any shorter!

Work has been filled with busy days and late nights managing detailed calculations and helping write 30 June Financial Condition and Actuarial Valuation Reports that are due in September.

Q: How do you stay focused?

A: Focus for me include working from home and using my free time to study for my actuarial exams. My next exam is Life Insurance and Retirement Valuations taken through the Actuaries Institute. The really great news is that it really marries up to the work I’ve been doing, and I really enjoy the technical aspects of actuarial valuations.

Then, as if I haven’t tortured myself enough, I am aiming to take the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level III in December – I’ll remember 2020 as a gruelling year!

Q: How you do balance work-life?

A: This year I have let work and study take priority. But as Sean and Neekhil always remind me, it’s important to have a work-life balance. When I can, I will be running on my home treadmill to stay fit. I will also be doing some solo badminton training practice with a special gadget I bought from eBay! There is always a way to do what you love!

Q: Where will you go the moment travel restrictions lift?

A: My travel bucket list includes visiting the USA to see New York and see friends that went to there to work and study. I’d also really like to see the Silicon Valley and San Francisco – the home of all the tech companies. Secondly, I’d looking forward to exploring historic cities of Europe and the different cultures and languages.