What’s new at McGing?

New Office

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office at McGing, which reflects our expansion and improvement. Our new site, conveniently situated near our existing one, ensures easy access for our clients and partners. We look forward to welcoming you to our new office for discussions and collaboration.

New Website

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand-new website! At McGing, we aim to ensure our clients are up to date with our news and offerings, and this website is an important part of that effort. Designed with a focus on user-friendliness and accessibility, our website serves as a resource hub for our articles which cover actuarial and advisory insights, industry expertise, and the latest news and updates.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Valuable Resources – Stay Informed – Access a wealth of informative articles to gain insights into the areas we work in.
  • Professional Insight – Discover our team of experienced experts, their specific areas of knowledge, and the solutions we can offer to clients.
  • Staying in touch – Get in touch with us through our contact forms and stay connected through our social media channels.

We welcome you to visit our new website at https://mcging.com.au/ and discover how McGing can become your partner of choice.

New People

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Anisha Jain, a highly skilled Actuarial Analyst, to our team. Anisha brings a wealth of experience from the field of life insurance, where her expertise has been honed in the realms of risk assessment and financial projections. Her analytical aptitude, coupled with a deep understanding of actuarial calculations and modelling, positions her as a valuable asset to our firm. We are excited to welcome Anisha and are confident that her expertise will contribute significantly to our shared success.


We are pleased to announce two significant promotions within our actuarial team, demonstrating our firm’s dedication to recognising and nurturing talent. Sankarshan Muralitharan has been promoted to the position of Senior Actuarial Analyst in recognition of his analytical abilities, dedication, and contributions to our client projects. Daniel Bartlett has been advanced to the role of Actuarial Consultant, acknowledging his expertise and strong client service. These promotions reflect our ongoing investment in our team’s development and our commitment to delivering top-notch actuarial services to our clients. Please join us in congratulating Daniel and Sankarshan on their well-deserved achievements.

Exam Success

We are delighted to share exciting exam achievements within our team that emphasise our dedication to continually nurture our team of consultants. It is with great pride that we announce the recent exam successes of four outstanding individuals. Daniel has successfully cleared the CS2 exam, earning his title of Associate of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia (AIAA), as well as passing the Enterprise Risk Management exam.

Nathan Kazakevich passed his CS2 exam and Asset Liability Management exam. Anisha Jain passed her CB1 exam and Sankarshan Muralitharan also successfully passed CM1, taking them one step further into attaining their actuarial qualification.

These impressive achievements are a testament to the dedication and hard work of our consultants in their pursuit in attaining actuarial qualifications. Please join us in extending our heartfelt congratulations to them for their well-deserved accomplishments.