What advice benefits can a consulting actuary provide to you?

When engaged by clients, consulting actuaries don’t have competing priorities, nor do they have a lack of bandwidth – they are the bandwidth. They aren’t part of BAU, or transformation projects and don’t have to worry about headcount challenges – they are the headcount.

Let’s take a look at what a consulting actuary can do:

  1. Methodology – a consulting actuary will come in, listen to your challenge and work with different teams and stakeholders to build an objective approach that can be delivered in the right timeframe. This helps with capacity.
  2. Capability – we are trained to look across different financial services organisations and transfer that intelligence to solve the problem at hand. Our first step is to present the problem and provide a pathway to solve it. Sometimes this is going beyond the initial symptoms of a problem and uncovering the root cause. We understand complexity and in the financial markets, things are inherently complicated.
  3. Resources – with experience comes a wealth of resources and we can apply the precedent from similar jobs for another client to solve a challenge in a different industry.