Anisha: A trailblazing actuary with a keen eye for innovation


I am  thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team at McGing – Anisha Jain, a highly skilled Actuarial Analyst with a background in the life insurance sector. With her strong analytical aptitude and understanding of risk assessment and financial projections, Anisha brings valuable expertise to the table.

Anisha’s background and qualifications

Anisha’s journey into the world of actuarial science started with her pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Hons) from the prestigious University of Delhi. During her academic years, she demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for numbers and an innate ability to solve complex mathematical problems, laying a strong foundation for her career. Her passion for learning and growth has undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping her into the driven individual that she is today!

Expertise and contributions

During her time as an Analyst at Xceedance, Anisha demonstrated her versatility by taking on a range of crucial responsibilities. Her ability to conduct comprehensive market research allowed her to gain valuable insights into the insurance landscape, enabling her to make informed and strategic decisions. Furthermore, her expertise in mortality analysis and modeling proved instrumental in assessing risk accurately and devising effective risk management strategies.

One of the standout contributions Anisha made was in the area of competitive analysis, where she meticulously analyzed the market to identify opportunities for growth and improvement. Her keen eye for innovation shone through as she assisted in introducing new features to traditional products, making them more appealing to customers. This innovative approach to product development showcased her dedication to meeting customers’ evolving needs and preferences.

Beyond her technical prowess, Anisha is an exceptional team player who values collaboration and open communication. Her willingness to share knowledge and learn from her colleagues makes her an invaluable asset in fostering a culture of growth and continuous learning within our organization.

Mastering regulations and calculations

Navigating the complexities of insurance regulations is no easy feat, but Anisha rose to the challenge. In her previous role, she prepared Product Disclosure Statements (called KIDs) for the German market. Her journey brings her to Australia and she is picking up all the nuances and details of the Australian market through her work for our Friendly Society clients here at McGing.

Researching the impact of COVID-19

Anisha’s passion for data-driven insights led her to embark on research during the pandemic. Understanding the potential impact of COVID-19 on mortality and longevity in European countries was a critical area of exploration, as it directly affected insurance risk assessments. Her research allowed her to uncover valuable information on the impact of lockdowns in controlling deaths, providing valuable inputs for insurers during a period of uncertainty.

Beyond the office

While Anisha’s dedication to her work is admirable, she also finds time to pursue her passions outside the office. An avid painter, she uses art as a medium to express her creativity. When she is not showcasing her artistic talents, Anisha cherishes spending quality time with her loved ones, recognizing the importance of balance between her personal and professional life. And, like any true connoisseur of relaxation, she unwinds by indulging in soothing melodies of relaxing music.

A warm welcome to Anisha Jain at McGing

At McGing, we are truly excited to have Anisha join our team. Her diverse experience, forward-thinking mindset, and passion for innovation align perfectly with our commitment to excellence in actuarial practice. We are confident that her expertise will elevate our capabilities as we strive to provide the best solutions to our clients.

As we welcome Anisha to our organization, we look forward to witnessing her contributions and impact in shaping the future of actuarial science. Her dedication to continuous learning and her innate curiosity are valuable assets that will undoubtedly drive our team’s success.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Anisha Jain as she embarks on this new and exciting chapter with us at McGing!