Three things COVID-19 has taught me

COVID-19 has forced a profound change in the working environment for many businesses. This has indeed been my experience at McGing Advisory & Actuarial. Particularly, COVID-19 from a worker perspective has forced us to become greater wielders of technology, as we find new ways to organise workflows, communicate with clients and provide quality service to them. As a teacher, I view the positive and negative impacts of COVID-19 as a ‘learning experience’ above all else. Here are three things that COVID-19 has taught me:

1.The importance of connection

Working remotely, despite being removed from the physical office space has, in many ways, brought the team at McGing closer together. In a world where our outside-of-work social interactions have been limited, the interactions within our team and with our clients have become somewhat ‘heightened’ encounters. With clients and colleagues being now virtually welcomed into our homes via conference call, the more personalised social exchanges and the shared lifestyle changes we are experiencing, have brought about a deeper connection and more of a family vibe to our social experiences. These deeper connections have yielded rich insights and continue to build positive relationships within our network.

2. The importance of work-life balance

The need and advocacy for a healthy work-life balance was clear to us at McGing before COVID-19. However, during this experience, this need has been highlighted and has become a large area of focus for all workplaces working both remotely and on-site. In previous jobs, I sometimes felt down about not having enough time to myself and leaving home and returning in the dark. The greatest challenge I feel now is that for those working remotely, the home has become the workplace and at times it can feel like you are always at the workplace, even when you’re not ‘at work’. Thankfully at McGing we are supported and encouraged to step away from the desk and take regular breaks as needed throughout the day, as well as taking time to check in with each other, supporting each other’s needs and wellbeing.

3. The benefits of a home workspace

The other take-away I have learned from COVID-19 is to not underestimate the utility of a good home desk or workspace. The environment you work in does affect your mood, and remote working has forced the utilisation of our living areas to include an optimal workstation. When I look to buy my first home in the future, a key consideration for me (thanks to COVID-19) will be the potential to create an adequate office space in the event that I may need to work remotely again in the future.