Spring into Spring at McGing

What have we been up to at McGing for the last few months?

We have been helping funds with getting through the ups and downs of investment markets, managing liquidity, the valuation of unlisted assets and looking at final year end crediting rates.

For defined benefit funds and life insurance funds offering capital guaranteed funds, the low interest rate environment presented challenges and we were tasked with assisting long term sustainability of such. We’ve spent more time with our families and no time commuting on the packed Metro trains!

Working in superannuation has just been hard going – there has been flip-flopping on simple and well communicated retirement policies from the government, massive changes to early access requiring lots of work for the industry and there has been the erosion of members’ balances.

But we’re looking forward to brighter months ahead!

What the next few months look like at McGing?

We’re mixing it up!

  • We’re waving goodbye to doom and gloom of a winter lockdown – BYEEEE!
  • We’re saying hello to Spring, welcoming in the rebirth and bringing freshness to our lives
  • We’re going to motivate each other to get into the sunshine and exercise to stay fresh
  • We’re going to aim to make meaningful connections over video calls with friends, people in the industry and each other
  • Daniel and Jason are going to take study leave to give a good crack at their actuarial exams
  • We’re looking to create new challenges and new opportunities for each other