Sean’s reflections on recent months at McGing

As the recent lockdowns across Australia prove, COVID is far from behind us and continues to affect all our lives with its uncertainties and frustrations.  As we await further vaccine supplies and related communication campaigns to reduce the risk of future hospitalisations and deaths, we can start to plan for living with a contained COVID.

A great start to the new financial year for super fund members and investors has been the amazing 20% or so returns for balanced funds due primarily to incredibly strong equity returns here and overseas.  A great confidence booster for funds and members alike.

The last 6 months has been busy for McGing Advisory & Actuarial. We welcomed with excitement two new team members who have joined us, and we cannot wait to see what they achieve. As someone who has worked in the industry almost all my life, nothing is quite as exciting as seeing new younger as well as experienced staff work and thrive at our firm.

We have a great variety in our flow of work, giving us the opportunity to work with a range of clients in effective partnerships.  Since January we’ve helped with unit pricing, operational risk, capital adequacy, risk management, product sustainability and investment strategy to mention a few.  We love helping organisations deal with operational issues and grow sustainably, so it has been great being able to reach out to an even wider range of organisations to provide our services.

It has been nice to come back to face to face industry events with networking and coffee catchups returning to a (COVID) closer to normal. I have been privileged to be able to meet with a variety of industry leaders over the past few months. It has been inspiring to listen and contribute to some of the learnings across different industries.

With the remarkable bounce back of our economy and related elevated levels of confidence and investment markets, notwithstanding recent lockdowns across the country, I feel our collective COVID learned resilience with digital operational and communication improvements can be well channelled in improving superannuation and wealth management outcomes over the coming year.

Sean McGing