McGing Team do 10km BeyondBlue 2XU Wellness Run!

Blue skies, a blue sea, and an ocean of over two thousand people in BeyondBlue colours. This was the sight greeting the McGing team at 7am on Sunday December 4 when we – Sean, Daniel, Brendan and Jason – arrived in St Kilda to participate in the 10km 2XU Wellness Run supporting BeyondBlue. While it was far from an easy run, the great cause, the palpable excitement in the air, and the crowds – both participating and supporting from the sidelines – gave us all we needed to power through.

I was excited about the opportunity to challenge myself after a chaotic two years of the pandemic and lockdowns. Additionally, the daunting prospect of running 10km was a fantastic motivator to get out of the house and exercise in preparation, which drove me to work harder to the benefit of my own mental and physical health.

The best part of the day was being able to catch up with work colleagues in an exciting, distinct activity that put us all to the test. Overall, we went quite well – all four of us finished the race, with Sean leading the team across the finish line. Though Brendan, Jason and I took a bit longer, we were all proud of our efforts and are excited to train harder next year. Who knows, maybe we’ll even manage to knock Sean out of the top spot.