McGing profile: Sean McGing

Sean McGing has combined a career long love of actuarial science and business technology with an overriding drive to always be of service. Today as principal and founder of boutique consultancy McGing Advisory & Actuarial, Sean explains how his insights into the world of superannuation and its ongoing regulatory and digital transformation have helped him understand the business challenges his clients and their members face daily.

Sean leads an expert team who deliver senior consultancy services including superannuation, actuarial, risk, investment and board support. With over three decades of experience in the global life insurance and superannuation sectors, Sean is focused on partnering with superannuation funds to re-imagine how superannuation and life insurance organisations can develop and distribute the appropriate products for an ever changing market.

“I established McGing Advisory & Actuarial in 2010 as a platform to support my one true passion – helping people. Operating a very focused boutique consultancy team who can harness decades of experience and work side by side with our clients on specific projects is incredibly challenging and at the same time, incredibly satisfying. I love leading a team that can combine skills, experience and insight and help clients build the business roadmap they need. This includes understanding complexity, being more aware of risk and opportunity, strengthening governance and improving financial and non-financial outcomes.”

Unique insights into leadership

Kicking off his career as an actuary in Ireland, Sean soon was catapulted into an organisation offering one of the most progressive personal superannuation and investment account products available on the market – giving him unique experience and insights he would carry through his career. Following this up with a stint as an actuarial computing consultant gave Sean a unique insight into how technology and actuarial services would benefit from each other in the future. This experience helped him become an active agent of change for superannuation funds looking to resolve business issues by better understanding financial records, products, processes and operational improvements.

“McGing Advisory & Actuarial is the ideal culmination of the variety of roles, projects and responsibility levels I have held over my career. I am able to incorporate a highly personalised consulting approach to directors, senior executives and their teams. I have seen firsthand how working with organisations to improve their enterprise risk management at Board and senior executive level delivers the best outcomes. You need to take measured calculated risks in any organisation to build a pathway to success.”

Making time for the really important things

Looking back on an interesting career – including a working sabbatical back in Ireland – Sean understands how important it is to lead from a people and culture perspective. Experience has led to his conclusion ‘you need to make time for what is really important and this in itself is really important’.

When considering his personal and professional goals for the coming year, Sean is focused on balancing the responsibilities of a growing consultancy firm and spending valuable time with family.

“The three things I know now and wish I knew when I kicked off my career focus on people and culture. The first thing is that people are what really matters at the end of the day in every sense. Not just from a relationship perspective but how you inspire them to reach their potential.”

“The second thing is the importance of confidence and how this in turn influences taking calculated but confident risks. It can help guide you through the decision making process and remove hesitancy from what can be a great decision. From my own personal perspective, I came from a generation who weren’t overly praised and maybe I would have decided to work for myself years earlier if I had a little more confidence. Running my own outfit is something I truly love. And finally grab every opportunity – it’s true what they say, opportunity doesn’t knock twice!”

When he’s not in the office or on site with clients, Sean can be found spending time with his much-loved family and fulfilling his passion for sports and pastimes – basketball, cycling, running, tennis, walking and being outdoors.