McGing profile: Rebecca Ting

Rebecca Ting is a consultant with a difference. Apart from her love of spreadsheets and modelling, she has a street-smart approach to what the numbers really mean. Mixing reason with predictive analysis has delivered impressive outcomes for her global actuarial and entrepreneurial career to date.

Like her colleagues in the McGing team, Rebecca loved the complexity that came with maths throughout her formative years at school. With her goal of studying at Melbourne University a reality, she identified the challenge that came with an actuarial degree was one she wanted to tackle.

“Actuarial studies looked very niche and complicated – particularly as it was hard to graduate with good marks – and I was really up for the challenge. The great part was I found the study so interesting, even when it was at its most academic and I felt like it unlocked an understanding of how numbers fit into the real world of finance, insurance and superannuation.”

Building a global career

Kicking off her post-graduation career as an actuarial analyst in Hong Kong created a business pathway which incorporated a different type of focus for an actuary – building communications that resonated with the end customer.

“This part of my career taught me to focus on the technical aspects of actuarial science and also produce a customer-friendly proposition that works. This skill has been an invaluable benefit as a consultant and is still in play today with my entrepreneurial commitments. I have had experience in marketing myself in the past, and this has stood me in good stead.”

Mixing the technical with the human aspects

Rebecca consults for McGing and is applying both her actuarial skills and the marketing of actuarial propositions to clients with new ideas and programs.

“This role of business development and proposition development at McGing means I work closely with the team to put a process into place to help manage our client’s needs. We work together to formulate the propositions that meet these needs and beyond and integrate this into a pipeline management and business development process.”

When asked to describe what it is like working with the McGing team, Rebecca confirms it’s exciting, challenging and always enjoyable.

“This is a great team. Everyone is very committed, knowledgeable, and very energetic, and this translates into a raft of benefits for the staff and clients alike. The combination of the team is a joy to work with.”

Keeping life interesting

When she isn’t working at McGing, Rebecca keeps life interesting with three significant interests. An entrepreneur and business owner with P9 Productions sees Rebecca working with immersive technologies to increase customer engagement for a growing blue-chip client base. Separately she participates in podcasts and forums on a favourite topic – the role of women in the workplace. And finally, Rebecca has her sights set on a return to her local tennis club and take home a flag.

“This season’s tennis has been impacted by COVID-19, but it’s a goal I will carry forward to the early part of next year.”