McGing profile: Daniel Bartlett

Daniel is a well-rounded professional and one of our actuarial specialists at McGing. A former mathematics and history teacher with a Master’s Degree in Actuarial Studies, Daniel brings enthusiasm and determination to his work as he strives to be an expert in everything actuarial and consulting.

Daniel’s prior experience in insurance claims, broking and underwriting environments make him a knowledgeable analyst. Combining this with his communication and presentation skillset developed from teaching, Daniel adds a dynamic and versatile flavour to our team from which clients and colleagues all benefit.

Helping businesses solve complex problems

“I wanted to become an actuary initially for a great intellectual challenge and a desire to increase my mathematical skillset. Now I still embrace the challenge, but I also want to be able to help businesses solve complex problems.”

Daniel previously worked as a high school teacher before making a bold move to return to study and pursue the Master of Actuarial Studies course. It’s been a happy journey so far.

“After my studies I worked in the insurance industry with a brokerage and then a leading insurer. Finally, I was fortunate enough to land a role at McGing which seemed to cater to all of my needs in an ideal actuarial role. The experience has been fantastic so far and I am still very grateful to be part of the wonderful team here.”

The alignment of teaching and consulting

For Daniel, teaching has delivered the skills he feels are directly applicable and favourable for his McGing consulting role. His top 3 include:

  1. The ability to explain complex and unfamiliar concepts in multiple ways to cater to  various learning styles and attributes. In an actuarial context, this is particularly useful where he’s tasked with explaining highly complex calculations or quantitative concepts to clients.
  2. Presentation and communication skills have transferred straight to his new consulting role.
  3. Delivering a unit of work as a teacher is similar to working on a project as a consultant. Both require exceptional organisation and time management, planning, working with deadlines, and need to provide deliverables.

Lessons learned

Whilst not all high-ability students were always self-confident, it was very often the case that struggling students lacked self-confidence.

“By working on developing a students’ self-confidence, you are directly improving their aptitude to TRY, and a student who tries (and also fails) more is greater opened to learning and development opportunities – this is true not just for school, but for life.”

Looking to the future

The variety of tasks and opportunity to work in various fields of industry is what excites Daniel most about working at McGing. Here he’s exposed to different industries in which he can apply his skillset to, all at the same time.

“This makes working much more interesting, enjoyable and valuable for my long-term development and experience as a professional. I also get to pitch-in with the business development side of things and make an impact on the well-being of the business. This is another unique and exciting part about working at McGing.”

My 5 year plan

Daniel plans to finish his Foundation and Actuary Program studies with the Actuaries Institute and possibly begin the Fellowship Program.

“My goal is to become a senior consultant for McGing.”

He’ll balance this by ensuring his downtime delivers the balance a busy professional needs. With a regular schedule for futsal already in play, Daniel aims to keep up with his love of ball sports following the AFL, football and NRL.

“Music is also a really important part of my life. I play bass guitar and keyboard.”