McGing profile: Bob Shipway

A love of maths and translating complex problems into easy to understand solutions is delivering benefits for Bob Shipway. As an Analyst with McGing, Bob has found a career in actuarial consulting that he loves and finds challenging on a daily basis.

Initially setting out to study engineering at university, the lure of maths, problem solving and the satisfaction this generated inevitably led Bob to a career in actuarial science. It’s something that has paid off for him as he now navigates a new role and city to live in. Initially kicking off a career in data analytics, today Bob combines those data skills with his actuarial knowledge to set him apart from the rest.

“I find my role at McGing a natural career fit. And it really helps to have a sense of purpose as I believe the work we do here is important, particularly for non-technical or non-actuarial stakeholders. I find it both challenging and rewarding to distil our solutionsinto easy to read reports and easy to follow presentations.”

Innovative problem solving

Key to daily tasks is an agile mindset – one where Bob maintains the attitude that he can apply his analytical and problem solving skillset to any challenge and deliver results for the client. It’s also what propels him forward in his actuarial studies. He’s currently finished his part-two actuarial exams and is facing down the challenge of the notoriously difficult part-three exams, whilst working full time.

“We have the ability to solve a wide range of problems relating to financial uncertainty. The can-do and very positive attitude that is the hallmark of McGing consulting activities not only helps my client-focused responsibilities, it has also impacted my personal life in a really positive way.”

For Bob this has translated into moving from Western Australia to Melbourne and building a new set of life skills to help settle him into a new city and kick off a new chapter in his life.

“Having an open mind to all things new led me to meditating, and it’s now become a natural part of my day. Every morning I make the time to meditate and it helps me face the day and whatever that may bring. It’s not just beneficial for the early part of my day, it sets me up for the whole day.”

Finding the right home for his hobby

And for his colleagues and new-found friends in Melbourne, this West Coast native has also brought his deep love of coffee with him. Once a barista in his university days, his love of coffee has reached new heights.

“You could say I am obsessed with coffee. So that makes Melbourne the ideal city for me really. I have a couple of coffee machines and a range of coffee equipment that I use every day. And I know I have influenced one of my colleagues in particular. I’m sure he’s never drunk more coffee in his life, but at least it’s good coffee. We make an effort to hit up the good coffee places and take a break every now and again.”